Corporate disputes in Belarus

Corporate law regulates issues related to the creation and operation of companies. A company carries out its activities only after its creation and state registration.

Business entities often do not pay proper attention to corporate issues, because at first glance they seem simple and easily resolvable. However, they are not. As soon as representatives of foreign companies are faced with issues of corporate law, there are difficulties in further management of the business. For the successful functioning and development of an organization, it is important to resolve corporate issues at the earliest opportunity.

Participants in corporate matters are mainly persons related to a legal entity: participants, employees, creditors, debtors.

Our competence in the field of corporate law:

  • Establishment of companies in the Republic of Belarus with foreign participants;
  • Reorganization of companies, including in the sphere of mergers and acquisitions (M&A);
  • Providing legal support in buying and selling businesses, shares in the authorized capital of the company by foreign participants, including carrying out preliminary due diligence of the company (Due diligence);
  • Consulting in a foreign language on issues of corporate law;
  • Development of various corporate solutions, local legal acts;
  • Legal support of corporate disputes between Belarusian and foreign participants;
  • Contesting in court major transactions and transactions, in which fulfillment there is an interest of affiliated persons;
  • Contesting the decisions of meetings of participants of companies with foreign capital;
  • Recovery of value of shares in companies with foreign participants.

Grounds for corporate disputes:

  • the expulsion of a person from the company, which blocks the company's activities;
  • withdrawal from the company and payment of the value of the share;
  • sale of the share in the authorized capital;
  • failure to provide information on the company's activities;
  • challenging the decisions and transactions made and concluded against the interests of the member of the organization, including transactions in which the affiliated persons were interested;
  • disputes related to the hiring of company executives.

The main thing in achieving a goal in a corporate dispute is to adopt the right strategy and stick to it all the way. It is quite difficult to independently develop the right strategy and achieve success with it without knowledge of Belarusian and foreign judicial practice. When resolving corporate disputes the courts accept the provisions of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus and the Civil Code of a foreign state. Applying to us for competent assistance, you get to the professionals in their business, who will help to avoid mistakes and resolve corporate disputes. Lawyers of our company have extensive experience in resolving corporate disputes. We negotiate with all parties in a foreign and Russian language, after which the disagreements are eliminated, and all are satisfied with the final results.

Law firm "Economic disputes" provides full legal support and assistance in resolution of corporate disputes of any complexity between foreign and Belarusian participants of the organization.

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