Social responsibility

We want to make our world better: strive for contributing to the charity development on our market, as well as promoting its unification for the collaborative work for the benefit of our country’s legal system.

That’s why we created a special project – Pro Bono.

Within its framework, we provide legal representation regarding socially important and case law-forming economic disputes for free. Also, we carry out other forms of socially important, cultural project support.

The work under Pro Bono meets all the standards of legal assistance.

If you faced a legal issue or problems when solving the tasks of a socially important project, if you need legal support, but you don’t have money to pay lawyers – write to us.

We’ll consider your request, assess the problem prospects, as well as the possibility of free aid and provide you with an answer as soon as possible.

We’ll certainly answer you!

You can send the request using the feedback form or via email marked Pro Bono.

Another area we pay attention to is collaboration with universities.

Within the framework of collaboration, we share valuable experience with law students, provide help in implementing programs in the area of academic and research activity, as well as improvement of legislation, ensuring high-quality law enforcement practice.


Being able to help is important to us!